Robyn - The Breathwork Therapist. Online by Zoom or at home within 20 miles of Totnes.
Robyn – The Breathwork Therapist

Hello, and welcome to my website. I use breathwork to help people like you become the best version of themselves. The breath is core to living, to our very existence, to vitality, movement and freedom. I work mainly online using Zoom and offering One to One sessions, 12 Week Courses and Buteyko method.

My goal is to work with you to explore your breath, to undo any habitual patterns that limit you, and maximize your potential. We can explore this together. It is a liberating practice to gain mastery of your breath – breathing is something we often take for granted, yet which can embody past pain, trauma or hurt in ways which may hold you back.

With breathwork practise I bring experiential learning, training, and academic research. I have trained with the “Alchemy of Breath”, and am a Buteyko Instructor. I am currently training in Rebirthing with the AIR school of Breathwork.

I have also taken many shorter courses on PTSD, polyvagal theory, and the Wim Hof method. I am a qualified counsellor.

I have two teens, and live in South Devon I love sea swimming, nature and laughing. I am committed to finding my path through the breath, and helping clients such as you do the same. The breath is the most basic and valuable thing we have: optimising your breath for a rich fulfilling life.

Through breathwork we can heal our bodies and our minds, whether overcoming barriers or pain that is physical, psychological or spiritual. Usually it is all of these. If you would like to feel happier, more embodied, and more free, you have landed on the right page. I can help you achieve this through tailored breathwork sessions.

I offer two ways of working with you:

You can book one off, general sessions, or take a journey with me as your witness and guide. I have found that tailored workshops lasting 12 weeks will best enable you to work on deeper issues and healing. These sessions use a variety of breathing and embodiment techniques so that you may find your own treasure of power stored within you, During these sessions you will find a greater capacity to trust and guide yourself, as well as resolving issues that may be hidden from view, within your subconscious mind.

There is no need to commit to a tailored workshop immediately. If you want to explore breathwork and how it can help empower you, I am happy to begin with some general sessions tailored to your needs. After two or three such sessions you may decide to commit to a longer exchange, safe in the knowledge that I am able to help you find your way to natural and fully-embodied breathing, releasing long-held tensions and trauma, and facilitating you to live more freely, and more vitally. You may also find that one-off sessions work well for you without the commitment of a 12 week tailored course.

Please look at the ‘Courses‘ section of my site for details of session and workshop costs and details. Get in touch with me through the contact page if you feel breathwork might benefit you – I’m happy to talk with you and arrange a first session so that you can begin your journey of exploration.

  • Travel costs will apply for journeys over 20m

“Breathe, breathe in the air,
Don’t be afraid to care” – Pink Floyd