12 Week Courses

All twelve session courses follow the same format. We will work one-on-one using Zoom or in person.

During our first session (90minues) we will work out the best way that we can work together, and find a time which works for you within my schedule. We will also look at any areas you want to work on.

Thereafter, each session will be 60 minutes either weekly or fortnightly.

Twelve session courses cost £480, paid in advance. Once committed to the course the fee is not refundable, though switching from weekly to fortnightly is usually possible if you feel a need to slow down. Take a look at the information below and contact me to talk about meeting your needs.

There is no need to commit to a course immediately. If you want to explore breathwork and how it can help empower you, I am happy to begin with some general sessions tailored to your needs. After two or three such sessions you may decide to commit to a longer exchange, safe in the knowledge that I am able to help you find your way to natural and fully-embodied breathing, releasing long-held tensions and trauma, and facilitating you to live more freely, and more vitally. Please see one to one

These courses are aimed at helping you deal with the following issues:

Please also see Buteyko

Life Change

Are you thinking of making a major change in your life but need some extra support and clarity? Feeling lost or muddled? Unsure? Full of trepidation? You can see where you want to go but now sure how to do it? Or perhaps something inside is calling out for change but you are unsure of your direction?

All the answers you need ARE within you. They may be buried under old fears and patterns, but this course will allow you the tools and time to uncover these truths. As you begin to stand firmly on your new path, knowing exactly the next moves you need to make.

Each course is tailored to your needs, exactly where you are now with your insecurities, confusion and your dreams. You can do this! At the end of the twelve weeks you will emerge stronger and clearer.

Stress and Anxiety

What can we do in the face of this overwhelming confusion and change?
Join me as you enquire into and find your own inner stability and peace. Learn and experience how to offload stress and begin to live from your centre. Let your anxiety wash away as you begin to experience and hold onto your own, precious strength. Know that the power IS within you to stand still in the face of great change.

These 1:1 sessions come in a 12 week block enabling us to do some deep work together. As your body learns to let go of anxieties, experience the space within you for new, more consistent peace and positive feelings of well being and kindness. A sense that everything is and will continue to be ok.


You will learn to let your breath both guide and heal you as you gently let go of issues holding you down. Learn to recognise and swim through your feelings, let them be a guide to how to live your life in a way that is pleasant and meaningful to you. As your depression lifts, learn ways not to fall back into the darkness but step towards a new light. You can do this.

Anger Management for Women

Do you ever find yourself snapping and wishing you hadn’t? Then feeling bad? Or shouted at someone and justified it by thinking they deserved it (not listening to that little voice that knows it was a bit overdramatic? Pushing down your anger and then finding it flares up again anyway? And then the guilt, the remorse..only to find it rears it’s head again and again..and again, no matter how much you try and shove it down or work it off a the gym.
Have you ever wondered why you do it? Or do you just hope it wont happen again? Did you know you are perfectly able to manage these emotions, to explore their roots in a safe and gentle way – and to let your own pain go so that you can manage these current feelings and deal with them before you erupt. You can let yourself be transformed on a very deep level. You can learn to communicate in a way that keeps you and other people safe, open and loving – all by working with your breath and clearing your own space first. You can and deserve to live a more peaceful life. You deserve to be able to let go of this anger which can threaten to destroy.

Or are you finding yourself frightened a lot and not being able to calm yourself enough to feel safe and in control?
Do you ever find yourself snapping when you don’t want to. A twelve week course of one-to-one sessions exploring your feelings in a safe and non-invasive way will open up new ways of seeing things.


Do you ever feel small in your own body? Do you ever feel adult in your own body? Would you like to feel more in control of your own body, thoughts and actions. Begin to know what you want and fully embrace and fit your skin? Do you shy away from fulfilling your dreams? They’re there but you push them down or can’t quite seem to push through the barriers that pop up? You put your dreams and ideas on hold because there’s always something else that needs doing, or you’re maybe scared of becoming the person you know you can be?

Let me guide you on a journey to become fully the person you know you are. Bring out your strengths and embrace them fully.

Addiction Issues

“Not all addictions are rooted in abuse or trauma, but I do believe they can all be traced to a painful experience. A hurt is at the centre of all addictive behaviours” – Gabor Mate, from “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts”.

Do you find you have a problem with addiction? What we become addicted to (alcohol/drugs/shopping/internet/other people/smoking/high risk activities) is less important than the feelings behind it. Addiction stems from a hunger that is unfulfilled and causing us pain. Our addictions may have began as temporary relief, but you may find they now become problematic in themselves. The need for fulfilment and connection rages on but the addiction can never feed it. We cry out to be heard and understood, or to just be happy, but it never quite works as we have to feed the hungry monster of addiction.

I will guide you through breathwork and embodiment exercises to begin to heal; for you to explore and release, through your breath, the pain that you carry. It will allow you to live a freer life, putting yourself at the centre. It will help you understand your addictive patterns and find ways within yourself to release outmoded ways of being so that you can step into your future with more choice. If you choose you will be able to begin a life free from addiction to a healthier, more productive lifestyle.


“Trauma is what happens inside you, as a result of what happened to you”. Trauma does not have to be huge or over many years. It can be a small thing or a number of small things too, yet if we haven’t processed it then it remains in our body.

Until expressed and healed, trauma remains inside of us and keeps repeating itself in various ways until we find a way to heal ourselves. Our bodies store the pain, no matter how long ago or recently the event(s) happened. We can become stuck in repetitive, unhelpful patterns of being and communicating. As Bessel van der volk says “The body keeps the score”.

This course will enable you to very gently begin to find and explore how unhealed trauma is replaying in your life. This is not a talking therapy and you do not have to remember details or even the event – your body does indeed know what it needs to do to release the trauma. We will do this through breathwork in a safe way.

We will look at where the knots of pain are and find ways to release them safely.

I am not a therapist. I am a breathwork practitioner. You may find you want to talk about your experiences outside of the course, so having a counsellor, therapist and/or family/friends you trust may be helpful for you. We will work in a way that is aware of your support needs, and to maintain your well-being throughout the sessions.