New Beginnings

How I became a Breathwork Therapist and other stories…

Long had I been thinking it would be a good idea to get writing a blog, or do regular writing. “Long” is a bit of an understatement as it’s been an idea I’ve had for years, but every single time I put finger to keyboard, I drew a blank.

That’s probably not the right word either as ‘blank’ is the last thing I feel. What really happens is I think..’just write’ (I am great at writing if I think no-one is reading it). Just ‘act normal’, I say to myself as my head starts spinning and takes off into it’s own reality of a crash bang, wallop space. My chest tightens, my finger’s shake and I wonder just what the hell normal is and how do I get back there, especially when I know it doesn’t exist? But I’m determined to start today,

So where even to begin. The beginning always seems such a good idea – but where is that?!

How did I become interested in breathwork – that’s a good start. I couldn’t breathe very well. I’d been a chronic mouth breather all my life. I’d heard vaguely that it wasn’t good for you but I didn’t really listen. It all seemed like hard work. So I mouth breathed myself into crisis. Or rather, when crisis hit my family I was threatening to sink after a while, I was definitely drowning not waving.

I couldn’t catch my breath. The more I tried, the farther away it seemed to get. My body ached. I was in a lot of emotional and physical pain. I toyed with the idea of asking someone, anyone to just sit and breathe with me, but I thought people would think me quite mad (again). So I didn’t. I hadn’t come across breathwork until …

… by wonderful coincidence my friend posted a link on the Wim Hof method. I had never heard of him (I’d been intensely busy being a single Mum for a long time). I watched a video of him breathing and then copied -absolutely ecstatic to find someone who was breathing. Just breathing, and who I could breathe with. It was all I wanted and it was most definitely all I needed.

So now, I can write. I’ve overcome other blocks, some of which I didn’t realise were there. And, I can facilitate others in finding healthier, happier living through breathwork.