Thank you to everyone who has breathed with me.

“Robyn is very talented in her provision of Breathwork. I had under estimated the
power of such work. Her ability to stay with me whilst I let go of the stuff that needed
to go was incredible. Especially as we were working together, remotely.
Robyn’s voice was really useful and reassuring an d helped me feel safe – the
emotional release was unexpectedly strong and I was SO grateful to not be alone as
it was happening. And the restorative process with Robyn’s guidance was very
welcome, nurturing an d grounding.
I wouldn’t and probably couldn’t ’t have let go of such a big chunk of ‘stuff’ had I not
been accompanied. I felt she was absolutely with me every step of the way. Totally
presence-filled and in tune with me and my needs for the whole journey.
Afterwards I knew I had surrendered a whole heap of grief and emotions, trauma and
‘stuck’ that I no longer needed and best of all, I hadn’t had to talk about it – I had just
breathed (& wailed!) through it’s leaving. I felt SO whole and well and clear
afterwards – what a relief! “
Purposeful Professional Development
Rebecca Hartnell, Bristol UK
(0117) 9510277 or 0789431997
www.daemon careercoach.co.uk

Miguel, Spain. I cannot thank you enough for today’s session Robyn. I am still reeling but wanted to say deep thanks. Years of therapy could not do what you managed yesterday. That was an incredible breathwork. Deep gratitude.

Julia, Australia. WOW! Robyn – as soon as I heard you were doing breathwork, I had to make a booking. Your presence, depth and care was really evident. I had such a healing journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Emma, Devon. UK. I found you informative…you put me at ease and guided me through the session so well. I found the whole experience amazing and you were a great teacher xxx

Natasha. Devon, UK. I went into this a little unsure not knowing what to expect,however Robyn has guided me through the sessions in an easy to understand and relaxed approach. I’m definitely keen to learn more from her about the breath work.I would recommend her to anyone who wants to give this a try…

Leon. Devon, UK. Having had a few sessions with Robyn I have found her application of this method to be easy to follow and to implement into my everyday life. Throughout her guided sessions I felt Robyn instinctively knew to maintain the correct level of guidance I required to help me achieve my aims…. Highly recommended A*

Yael.Cyprus How did you do that? It was extraordinary. Thank you!!